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Aerial Pipeline Patrol & Surveying

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Drone Technology Only Makes Us Better at What We Do.

Haz Mat Special Services is able to conduct end-to-end drone inspections for pipeline operators, utilities, and municipalities. Harnessing today’s technology, along with the ability to capture large scale data, HMSS has become a local and national leader in the use and operation of Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) technology. We’re able to detect leaks, evaluate construction documentation, and surveill disasters within every industry. With rich data at our disposal, we can help cut costs and change the way mainstream operators think about patrolling and surveying.

We Take to the Skies with an Array of Aerial Services.

Let HMSS help you take your project to new heights with our vast offering of patrolling and surveying services:

  • Pipeline Patrol
  • Pipeline Surveying
  • Air Taxi
  • Parts Delivery
  • Fixed Wing/Helo/Float Availability
  • FAA Licensed Drone Services Available


FAA Licensed Drones Help Us Do Our Job Right.

Haz Mat Special Services provides the expertise you need through advanced aerial pipeline patrol and surveys. With the safety of both human and animal populations in mind, HMSS is astutely focused on utilizing methods that will protect the environment. Our UAV services grant clients with a real-time look at their facilities— thanks to the help of quad copters and fixed wing aircrafts. Equipped with the right technology, as well as experienced UAV pilots, who are commercially licensed under Federal Aviation Regulations and fully insured, HMSS is not daunted by any job that comes our way.

Industrial Cleaning Services

Preventative Maintenance & Surveillance is Priceless.

Let us show you how we can help you prevent a major issue before it happens. HMSS is still able to assist with our selection of industrial cleaning services.

Discover Industrial Cleaning Services

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Let’s get the conversation started on your next project involving pipeline patrol or surveillance. HMSS wants to help you take the right steps at the beginning of the process, so there are no mishaps further down the (pipe)line!

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