We are responding to the COVID-19 situation & have personnel, materials & equipment to decontaminate sites utilizing approved methods from the CDC & EPA.
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Demolition Services

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safe and efficient demolition services

Whether you’ve had a catastrophic event or you’re just needing areas demolished to install new facilities, Haz Mat Special Services can provide you with safe and efficient demolition services.  Our personnel have demolished tanks of all sizes, pipe racks, staunches and processing units.  Our personnel have worked in extremely harsh environments requiring constant air monitoring, fire gear and fresh air while performing work without a single injury or damage to external exposures.  We operate single, double and triple shears and have high side end dumps to efficiently haul away scrap and debris. Our professionals can take your project from start to finish.  If the scrap requires testing, decontamination or profiling, Haz Mat Special Services provides you with all of that plus transportation of the material(s) away from the site.


We take care of the small jobs too!

We further enhance our services by conducting soil testing if needed, removal of contamination and backfilling to compaction requirements.  You don’t have to have multiple companies doing small jobs which typically causes confusion, delays and enhanced costs.  Let Haz Mat Special Services take care of your demolition and recovery needs.

Waste Management & Disposal

Hazardous Waste Doesn’t Stand a Chance.

We offer scheduled and one-time disposal services for industrial hazardous and non-hazardous waste! After partnering with our experienced waste management and disposal professionals, you’ll be completely satisfied by all of the time and money you’ll save.

Discover How We Handle Waste


Top-Notch Response Time & Problem Solving Skills.

Regardless of the type, amount, location or time of a release, HMSS possesses the expertise, manpower, and equipment needed to take action.

Pecos, TX
Dallas/ Forworth, TX
Midland, TX
Monroe, LA
Shreveport, LA
Texarkana, TX
Austin, TX
San Antonio, TX
Victoria, TX
Beaumont, TX
Baton Rouge, LA
Houston, TX
Memphis, TN

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A Supportive Team
When You Need Them Most...

When an emergency unfolds, the last thing you want to do is not have the personnel or equipment needed to respond. That’s where HMSS comes in with our excellent HAZMAT emergency response team!

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