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HAZMAT Transportation Services


Let Us Help You Get From Point A to Point B. 

All of Haz Mat Special Services’ drivers are highly trained and experienced in transporting hazardous and non-hazardous materials and wastes. Our commercial motor vehicle fleet consistently maintains a "Satisfactory" rating from the Federal Department of Transportation. We are compliant with all local, state and federal licensing and rule requirements. We carry a fully compliant insurance policy and possess all the necessary local, state and federal permits.

Just think of HMSS as a single solution for the intelligent sampling, testing, profiling collection, packaging, transportation and disposal of a wide variety of waste streams. You will always receive the documentation required to ensure your waste has been correctly classified, properly transported and disposed of responsibly in a licensed and approved facility.

Multiple Units with various capabilities.

Roll-off boxes

  • Straight Trucks
  • Double Haulers

End Dumps

  • High Side End Dumps
  • Sealed End Dumps


  • All Vacuum Units are DOT 412 Specification Cargo Tanks
  • 130 Barrel Stainless / 70 Barrel Stainless
  • 70 Barrel Liquid Sealed Vac Truck
  • 70 Barrel Carbon Steel Vac Trucks
  • Hydro Excavators


  • Winch Trucks for Frac Tanks
  • Landoll & Hydro-tail Trailers
  • Rollback Straight Trucks


Good Logistics and Transportation Services Is the Way We Roll. 

HAZMAT transportation and logistical services of hazardous and non-hazardous wastes is one of our fortes. This is where the rubber meets the road and there is no room for mistakes in documentation, packaging and transportation of waste materials. That's why you can rely on Haz Mat Special Services to offer a broad range of transportation solutions. Let HMSS help you do the job right the first time; our knowledgeable team and effective strategies will prove to be just what your business needed.

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transportation truck


Reliability, Compliance, Dependability & Dedication... We've Got it All!

HMSS is proud to have top ratings in all areas of local, state and federal rules and regulations. We are tenacious and dedicated to staying abreast of the latest changes in regulations. Years of exposure and experience in the transportation industry has produced a well seasoned and rounded service line for your HAZMAT transportation service needs. Our equipment is consistently serviced and properly maintained to the highest of standards. That is how important it is for HMSS to set a higher standard than just what the regulations say we must adhere to because we are driven by excellence.

HAZMAT Emergency Services

HAZMAT Emergency Response Is a Large Part of What We Do.

Caught in a HAZMAT emergency and need a true professional with actual experience and knowledge? A highly trained, capable and motivated team to respond safely and effectively? Well, look no farther!

See Our HAZMAT Emergency Services

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Looking to transport hazardous materials in a safe and responsible way? We’re certainly the people for HAZMAT transportation services! Shoot us a line below with your contact information.

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