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Radiation Safety Services

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Radiation Is a Serious Business.

Haz Mat Special Services is here to help you overcome many obstacles —one is dealing with the reality of radiation. Whether you need help developing a radiation safety program or want to be accessed for risk, HMSS has handled a range of radiation safety services in our time as a company. We have two Radiation Safety Officers (RSOs) with experience in the detection, cleaning, and disposal of radiological materials. HMSS can also assist clients with TENORM surveys and recommendations based on regulatory compliance.

Radiation Safety Services

TeNORM Monitoring Is a Large Piece of the Puzzle.

Leave it up to HMSS to perform TENORM (Technically Enhanced Naturally Occurring Radioactive Material) monitoring and inspections for your company. The formation of TENORM — as a scaly, sandy, or waxy sludge on equipment— is to be expected within the oil & gas industry, but it doesn’t mean that you can be complacent to its presence. Our TENORM-control specialists are trained to identify, remove, decontaminate, treat, and dispose of TENORM and its radioactive by-products. It is helpful to carry out this type of monitoring to ensure that radiation levels in any given business remain within manageable levels.

TENORM monitoring radioactive products


Our Radiation Safety Officers are Qualified.

Haz Mat Special Services employs two Radiation Safety Officers with experience in the detection, cleaning, and disposal of radiological materials for both high and low releases. The RSOs handle numerous responsibilities, including staff training, regular on-site audits, telephone emergency response, and dosimetry— among other required workflows that promote precaution and safety.

Hazmat Response Services

HMSS Has Infallible HAZMAT Response Services.

HAZMAT response is the bread and butter of our operation. Explore the possibilities we can offer your business by clicking the link below.

Discover Emergency Response Services

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