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Hazardous Waste Collection

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Let the Professionals Handle the Dirty Work.

Haz Mat Special Services can assist with one-time or regularly scheduled industrial non-hazardous and hazardous waste collection and disposal services. In fact, the technical aspects of waste packaging and disposal coordination is one of our specialties.

Our fleet of stainless steel vacuum trucks, roll-off trucks, disposal bins, and specialty hazardous waste management equipment make the job of waste management, sampling, profiling, transportation, and disposal a lot more cost-effective and a lot less time-consuming. All disposal facilities are audited by our company and must be in good standing with all regulatory agencies. We’re ready to remedy the headache and responsibility of dealing with industrial waste streams---we can do that!

When the assessment dictates waste will be generated, the disposal process begins.

Performing Best Sampling Practices

  • Recording & Documenting
  • Maintaining a Chain of Custody
  • Obtaining Background, Affected Areas and Confirmation Samples for Analytical Testing
  • Expeditiously Deliver Samples to a Licensed and Approved Laboratory
  • Review Results and Report to the Client
  • Report to Regulatory Agencies to Insure Closure of the Site

Clients receive all documents for their records

  • We Maintain Digital Backup Records for Three Years on Every Job


Our Fleet Is As Impressive as Our Expertise.

Different trucks for different jobs— and Haz Mat Special Services has them on-site and ready to tackle your latest challenge. Our fleet of vacuum trucks can be used to remove contaminated water, grease, oil, sludge, dirt, wood chips, ash, stone, and more.

How do we achieve successful extraction of so many types of materials? We have various vacuum trucks that will accommodate the material we’re working with, from wet/dry vacuum trucks to high-rail vacuum trucks that get the job done right.

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Bio-Hazardous Response

Biohazardous Waste Doesn’t Intimidate Us.

When it comes to the cleaning and disposing of hazardous waste and materials, nobody does it better than Haz Mat Special Services. Our job is to remove any trace of blood or tissue, whether we’re assigned to a crime scene or a decontamination initiative. These jobs aren't for the squeamish and are handled professionally and respectfully. We have extensive experience in dealing with blood borne pathogens and potential WMD chem-bio hazards. Our methods are approved by OSHA, EPA, Department of Health, NFPA and NIOSH.

Discover Our Bio-Hazardous Response Services

HAZMAT Emergency Services

Waste Disposal Is an Important Part of Waste Management. 

Not only can we remove and clean biohazardous waste, but we can also responsibly dispose of it as well. With a reliable network of team members, equipment, and disposal facilities, we aren’t intimidated by any challenge! We’ve seen just about every scenario unfold in our 200 years of combined experience.

See Our HAZMAT Emergency Services


Serving the Regional Gulf South & Beyond.

Near or far, HMSS is not afraid to hit the road for the sake of our customers and their satisfaction. We proudly serve the Gulf Coast region and their hazardous waste collection needs. We would be honored to assist you with your needs!

Pecos, TX
Dallas/ Forworth, TX
Midland, TX
Monroe, LA
Shreveport, LA
Texarkana, TX
Austin, TX
San Antonio, TX
Victoria, TX
Beaumont, TX
Baton Rouge, LA
Houston, TX
Memphis, TN

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