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Oil Spill Response

four motor boats prepped with emergency response equipment


In Slippery Situations We Bring the Traction.

Haz Mat Special Services has worked in some of the most challenging arenas of the emergency response industry, including oil spill response. Not only are we OSRO-Certified and have affiliations with the Coast Guard to handle spills on water, but HMSS is also a partner of GLO and DCO-Certified to clean up oil spills on land.

Haz Mat Special Services handles everything from common over-the-road oil spills—including tanker truck rollovers— to large-scale oil spills, such as marine vessel spills, pipeline ruptures, well blowouts, and facility releases.

24/7/365 Response

We Respond in a Flash and Solve Your Problem Even Faster.

HMSS is no stranger to the handling, transporting, or disposing of waste. So, what would make oil spills any different? We are attuned to the latest industry standards, so we're prepared to tackle any situation. Even boasting the quickest response times in our response areas, we are always striving to refine and evolve our delivery of services to clients. Our ability to rapidly respond and get boots on the ground equates to better containment and confinement of spills for our clients. HMSS is laying the foundation for consistent and truly deliverable response times by strategically placing field offices throughout Texas and Louisiana with reach into Arkansas, Mississippi, Oklahoma and New Mexico. Don't forget, we also have the capability to respond anywhere in the world. We keep a fleet of charter aircraft on 24 hour stand by and can have a crew of professionals on site within hours.

oil spill response equipment in a field with carts


Knowledge without Wisdom is Dangerous.

We all know those people who can take tests superbly but can't apply the knowledge. HMSS professionals have the cognitive ability to multi-task, knowledge, experience, wisdom and expertise to recognize and delineate situations based on chemical and physical properties and characteristics. Our professionals are also intelligent enough to enlist specialists who are experts in certain arenas to ensure safe and effective methodology is utilized for oil spill response.

Our professionals begin formulating strategy, tactics, logistics and response plans from the moment we receive a call. It is vitally important that when you call someone, they ask the right questions to effectively and efficiently respond to your needs. We deploy the Incident Command Structure (ICS) on every site. This is important for clear communication, security, delegation of authority, span of control, resource management and controlling costs.

Haz Mat Special Services' oil spill response equipment


Equipment that is second to none.

Haz Mat Special Services has professional equipment that is second to none. With an entire fleet of response boats, HMSS owns six airboats, four cabin push boats, one propulsion push boat, one Coast Guard safe boat, and numerous small water crafts. HMSS is also one of the few companies around with a pontoon excavator in our fleet! In addition to an impressive fleet, we have a variety of oil spill equipment available, including oil spill absorbent booms and pads, oil skimmers, portable storage tanks, pumps and power units, response trailers, vacuum systems, and more.

Maritime services

We Aren’t Afraid of Working on the Water. 

Liquid spills impact ground, water or both simultaneously. HMSS has the capability to respond with a remarkably well-equipped maritime fleet.

Discover All Our Maritime Services


Rapid Response Time and Implementation Skills.

Our fleet has emergency warning lights and audible systems to help expedite a safe arrival on scene and provide safety to everyone when we arrive.

Pecos, TX
Dallas/ Forworth, TX
Midland, TX
Monroe, LA
Shreveport, LA
Texarkana, TX
Austin, TX
San Antonio, TX
Victoria, TX
Beaumont, TX
Baton Rouge, LA
Houston, TX
Memphis, TN

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We Deliver on Our Promise

We will never promise what we can't deliver. In an emergency the last thing you should expect is to not get what you need to make the problem go away. That’s where HMSS comes in with our oil spill response team!

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