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Environmental Remediation Services

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It's All In the Plan!

Haz Mat Special Services offers environmental remediation services for historical impacted sites and a full array of demolition and remediation services. Since we have the equipment and expertise to support virtually any type of remediation project, our services make it much easier for our clients to accomplish their overall goals. Because you’ll no longer need multiple firms to accomplish various tasks, our environmental remediation offerings compliment the rest of our services.


We Are Fully Compliant and Ready-to-Go.

Haz Mat Special Services has environmental compliance permits that allow us to decommission tanks address ground water contamination and perform contaminated soil remediation. Our broad range of remediation technologies enables us to target all types of contaminants. We will always make recommendations based on our client’s objectives, budget, time frame, and risks.

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We’ve Got the Technology to Back Our Workflows.

When it comes to our environmental remediation services, HMSS has a very regimented process. First, we obtain a full understanding of the subsurface soil, groundwater conditions, and the contaminants of concern. Next, we match those conditions with the most applicable suite of technologies. In many cases, we will propose a combination of excavation and in-situ/ex-situ remedial technologies. Last, but certainly not least, our highly trained project managers will work on-site throughout the duration of the remedial system installation to monitor performance.

Remediation / Demolition Services.

  • Evaluation of Remediation / Demolition Sites
  • Provide Proposals, Scopes of Work and Contingency Plans
  • Perform Sampling, Gridding, Storm Water Protection Plans
  • Delineation of  Impacted Areas
  • Work Closely with Regulatory Agencies 
  • Assess Best Practices for Options to Reduce Costs and Waste Streams
  • No Consultants or Additional Personnel
  • Provide Remediation Rates
  • Return the Property to Compliance Status
  • Documentation and Reporting to the Client and Regulatory Agencies to Insure Closure of the Site

Environmental Consulting

Begin Your Next Project with Environmental Consulting.

Start the process of environmental consulting as soon as you begin your next project and environmental remediation services may not be needed later down the line! HMSS is a consciously responsible steward of the Earth as well as the health and well-being of all living creatures.

Discover Our Environmental Expertise

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HMSS Cares About the Environment,
and We Think You Should Too!

Do you have any questions about our environmental remediation services? We get it— it can be a pretty complex process, but as always, HMSS is here to answer all of your inquiries and concerns.

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