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Marine & Industrial
Fire & Safety Services

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The Fire Services You Need in an Emergency Situation.

Haz Mat Special Services is NFPA 1082-Certified and proud to offer fire suppression and emergency medical offerings to the chemical, manufacturing, refining, and marine industries. Our various services include 24/7 firefighter staffing, emergency medical services, inspection and safety audits, safety permitting, and technical rescue. When your business is in a pinch, it’s our job to have your back, and we’ve been doing it seamlessly for 20 years. We work with one of the largest industrial fire emergency response teams in the country ---  US Fire Pump. The foam we use exclusively is from Signature Series Foam, which has been known as the most effective and efficient foam on the market.

24/7/365 Response

We Are Here to Help In Any Type of Scenario.

Safe, fast, effective, and compliant, our professionals have handled numerous accidents, disasters, and emergencies across multiple industries. Our team at HMSS is trained, knowledgeable and experienced. We consider our professionals to be among the elite when it comes to managing chaotic and dangerous situations. We thrive under pressure and are the best suited at multi-tasking than most in the industry. Our response time for industrial and marine fires are as timely as our reaction to any HAZMAT emergency.

men cleaning a dangerous area with haz mat suits on


We Are Certified and Qualified. 

Haz Mat Special Services complies with codes and standards beyond expectation, even seeking voluntary certifications, such as NFPA 1082. With over 300 various codes, the National Fire Protection Association covers every aspect of fire and safety services. The NFPA 1082 seeks to protect business facilities, its contents, and occupant life. We follow this standard, since it does well in addressing the duties, requirements, competencies, and professional qualifications of all planning, training, and response and recovery matters.

fire pump, fire truck, fire monitor


We Own and Operate Specialized Equipment for Industrial & Marine Fires.

  • 10,000 GPM Trailer Mounted Fire Pump
  • Six Gun Remote Control Trailer Mounted Fire Monitor
  • Industrial and Marine Firefighting Foam Stored in Bulk
  • Quick Attack Fire Truck

Waste Management & Disposal

Hazardous Waste Management Has Never Been Easier to Handle.

Effective hazardous waste management is the key to creating a safe environment for all— even the people not on your job-site. We support growing infrastructure, but we also believe there’s a great responsibility that comes with continuing human progress.

Discover How We Handle Waste


Proudly Serving the Gulf South & Beyond for 20+ Years.

HMSS doesn’t mind a bit of travel, and we do so to service businesses across the Gulf South. Have a problem that can be solved by a simple phone call? Don’t hesitate to contact us today! 

Pecos, TX
Dallas/ Forworth, TX
Midland, TX
Monroe, LA
Shreveport, LA
Texarkana, TX
Austin, TX
San Antonio, TX
Victoria, TX
Beaumont, TX
Baton Rouge, LA
Houston, TX
Memphis, TN

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