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Environmental Consulting & Training

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Environmental Consciousness Is Part of Our Job.

It’s part of Haz Mat Special Services’ mission to exceed industry standards and compliance practices. We achieve this through continued educational initiatives— a core aspect of our ongoing operations. It should not be a surprise that we have a devoted team of health and safety professionals that provide practical and proven methodology in the environmental consulting field to our clients. Depending on a client’s need, we’ll respond with the team member who holds the appropriate specialty to resolve the issue at-hand. We offer consulting in compliance issues, real estate, new construction, contaminants, emergency response, and more.


Environmental consulting is more necessary now than ever

There’s no way to say it gently, but we live in a time of environmental concerns and issues. Mother Nature’s love for humanity is endless— and it can be easy to get swept away in her generous bounty. When it comes to eco-conscious practices, HMSS helps you determine what technology, process changes, treatment measures or reclamation methods are feasible and cost effective for your business. We are constantly researching and staying apprised of new technologies to reduce waste streams and save the environment.

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Team Excellence Is a Core Value.

Who do you want working on your most important projects—someone who treats your job like a paycheck, or well-trained professionals who respond to incidents throughout the Gulf South 24/7 with great care and attentiveness? It’s a no brainer that Haz Mat is the right choice for your environmental consulting needs, as well as a great resource to meet any regulatory requirements.

Remediation services

HAZMAT Emergency Response Is a Large Part of What We Do.

Taking care of the environment today is a necessary act of sustainability to ensure that future generations can enjoy the beauty and necessities of Earth in the same way we do. HMSS supports the development of environmentally-friendly workflows, procedures, and practices.

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We Handle the Remediation Concerns with Confidence.

Among the plethora of things HMSS brings to the table, we try to utilize methods that are the least impact to the environment and eco-system. HMSS is dedicated to reducing waste by targeting the contamination and removing it with precision operations and planning. Let's start a conversation today.

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